Top 5 Products For Purifying Water

We all know that when water becomes in short supply you will have to purify your own water at some point.  Given the situation these 5 products will surly be of great need.

5.  Lets say you are stuck in your home with running tap water.  Who wants to drink the chemically filled tap water piped into our homes.  With this basic filter system you can have tap water as clean as bottled.  The Brita System is great for all home usage.  Not only is Brita affordable it is also functional

4.   A Simple Pro Filter good for Rivers and Other Situations you may encounter.  

3.   A Ceramic Element Filter this filter is robust and great quality best of all will last through those hard times.

2.   The Culligan Filter fits on your faucet.  A must have for all Preppers

1.  The Life Straw is a plain and simple life savor.  This is a must have for all preppers as it easily travels and will save you in a time of need.